Someone’s Watching Me

How do my words and actions show I’m a member of God’s Family? I am to live a good life, not a fake one. Anything that goes against God, big or little, will destroy my passion for God and my witness.

I must remember that people, family, friends, co-workers, clients, etc. are watching me and they will scrutinize everything I say and do. If they are not Christians or even Christians, my daily actions can lead to rejections of or lead people astray from the Gospel. How am I supposed to set an example, if I’m not living the Gospel.

I am by no means perfect and I know that, though I am a Christian, I don’t live up to God’s standards, but I know every day I can start fresh with better words and actions. It’s not always easy, but I must try harder by remembering not only that God watching me every day, but who else watches me regularly? Who else notices my habits? Who else am I influencing?

How are you living your daily life? What kind of example are setting?

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