The Matter of a Conversation

We probably talk to an average of 10 people a day. Whether it be a family member, a coworker, a client, a friend, a grocery store clerk, a restaurant server, etc. did your conversation leave a lasting impression? Conversation is good, but sometimes it’s not always about the topic of the conversation, but how you impacted someone’s life when you’re done talking?

Was it polite?

Was it an argument?

Was it heartbreaking?

Was is unforgivable?

Was it loving?

Was it exciting?

Was it unforgettable?

Was it casual?

Was it secretive?

Was it a whisper?

Was it helpful?

Was it romantic?

Was it a yell?

Was it educational?

Was it enlightening?

Was it challenging?

Was it regrettable?

Was it optimistic?

Was it a complaint?

Was it empowering?

Was it compassionate?

Was it meaningful?

So, if I the conversation you had with someone today was your last, would you be satisfied with how it impacted someone’s life?

One thought on “The Matter of a Conversation

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