Pet Peeves

Everyone has habits, Good, BAD, and UGLY, but there are just some that really get on my nerves, roll my eyes at, hold my tongue, block people, and really irritate me to no end. Today, I got on this kick because it started with #1 and #3 below:

  1. Having to wait too long for food in fast food restaurants, especially the drive-thru
  2. When someone makes me late
  3. Cash not being turned facing the same way in a wallet, cash drawer, or envelope (Learned this pet peeve from a Business Associate several years ago and it stick with me.)
  4. People not using their turn signals
  5. Cashiers talking to other people or employees while checking me out
  6. Reply-to-all use in emails
  7. Group texts or instant messages that go on and on (I’ve been guilty of this, but I’ve learned not to do it.)
  8. People on Ego Trips and think they are better than everyone else
  9. Constant overuse of certain words or phrases (for example ‘like’, ‘and um’)
  10. Too much drama on social media
  11. Dirty Public Bathrooms
  12. People cutting in line
  13. Misuse of words or punctuation
  14. Cars parked to close to a space line and I can’t park properly or at all
  15. People who are on cell phones and still expect to get customer service
  16. Saggy Pants — PLEASE pull them up and wear a belt
  17. People who neglect or abuse their pets
  18. Body Odor or overuse of perfumes/colognes
  19. Restaurants not getting orders right time and time again
  20. Empty Toilet Paper Rolls all over the bathroom when the trash can is right next to toilet
  21. WHY oh WHY are there so many Selfies taken in the bathroom (someone please explain why the bathroom?)
  22. Too much foul language

Wow I really didn’t realize how many I really have. I’ve sure there are more I could list, but I’ll save them for another day…LOL

What is one of your biggest Pet Peeves?


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