Got Pink?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Do you know someone who has battled with Breast Cancer?

I have known many women who have fought the battle, some have won and a few have lost. My grandmother, Nancy, fought and lost her battle when Momma was very young. In high school, both Momma and Aunt Gail fought and won their battles.

This year, Momma is celebrating 25 years as a survivor. I remember when she was diagnosed and the struggles she faced when she went through chemotherapy and radiation. In 2004, she had reconstructive surgery to have her right breast rebuilt with fat tissues from her stomach.

I remember when Aunt Gail took me to dinner to tell me about her diagnosis. This year she would’ve been celebrating 22 years, but she lost her battle with Colon Cancer in 2011.

I’ve heard many stories and testimonies of Breast Cancer survivors. I have cried over those whom I’ve loved and lost to Breast Cancer. For the last several years for Christmas, I’ve bought Momma a Breast Cancer trinket, like a piece of jewelry, socks, hat, etc to show how much I love her and how proud of how far she has come since her battle.

I’ve grown up knowing about and how to do self-examinations, but now as I’ve gotten older and have a long family history, I must face the fact that I will need to start getting regular Mammograms. It’s vital for us to support those battling, those who are survivors, and for others to share their stories and to educate others on the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness


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