Soul II Soul

In the Spring, Chuck bought concert tickets to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul II Soul Tour in Greensboro to celebrate our Anniversary. We are really big fans and we have followed them since their careers began.

The opening act was singer songwriter, Steve Moakler, who cowrote ‘Riser’ sung by country singer, Dierks Bentley. He’s a good singer and said he has had a song on the radio and this was his last tour night for the year. After Moakler, it took about 30 minutes or so for them finish up the stage for Tim and Faith.

Tim and Faith had a grand entrance coming up from under the stage. In the beginning, they did a mash up of some their singles and sang a duet or 2, before each taking the stage separately to do some of their biggest hits from the beginning to current singles. Then came back together to do more duets and more singles. Their 1st duet in 1997 was ‘It’s Your Love’ they sang toward the end with a slide show of their life together and with their daughters. It was amazing to see how far they’ve come in their careers before they met and married and now to see their careers have been nonstop ever since.

The show was pretty amazing and they seem to genuinely enjoy what they do and love each other. I would love to go to another of their tours, but to anyone who has thought about going to one…It’s a must see show!


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