Happy Friday the 13th

Do you believe in Good Luck or Bad Luck?

Friday the 13th is a day full of superstition and believed to one of the unluckiest days of the year. Some people won’t even leave their home for fear something bad will happen.

Everyone has their Good Luck and Back Luck Charms or believe in certain superstitions. Me, I love and believe in horseshoes for good luck and if I see a Raven (or black crow) near me, it will usually mean bad luck is coming. Some people just believe the number 13 is BAD all together.

So to Celevbrate Friday the 13th, Here are 13 Ways:

  1. Have a Friday the 13th Movie Marathon
  2. Make a Baker’s Dozen (13)
  3. Tour the ‘13’ floor of a building or try to find room #13. (Did you know that most tall buildings especially hotels will not have a #13 (check the elevator) floor or a room #13? They do but they don’t.)
  4. Have a ‘Friday the 13th’ themed party using the color black
  5. Adopt a Black Cat
  6. Play trick on someone (but not a really bad one)
  7. Learn a Magic Trick
  8. Break a superstition by doing it like walking under a ladder, stepping on a crack, don’t knock on wood, open an umbrella inside, or spill salt
  9. Go on a Paranormal Tour or visit a haunted location
  10. Host a Scavenger Hunt with things related to Superstition or Friday the 13th
  11. Read or write a spooky story
  12. Find a local event that’s celebrating Friday the 13th and participate
  13. Change the attitude of the day and turn it into Positive Day by doing something nice for someone

However, you choose to make it thru the day is totally up to you, but make the most of it.


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