Not Good with Criticism

How are you with criticism? I’m not good with it at all and I’ve also been told I’m not good at accepting compliments either. I really take things to heart and when I hear criticism I get nervous, embarrassed, and sometimes even upset.

This week I was given the opportunity to show one of my writings and receive feedback from professionals. Though it was only their opinions, what they said was a hard pill to swallow. While at first, I was mad because I thought about how good I thought my work was, but then I realized what they had to say wasn’t mean at all. When I was reading and rehashing their comments over and over (you know like I always do), what they were saying really started to make sense and I was encouraged by their thoughts to see where I was making mistakes and where I needed to improve.

Today, I sent each of them a thank you comment and each replied as follows:

“I’m glad you’re approaching with a heart to grow. I agree with you about criticism though. It can be hard to face!” by Samantha Bryant

“And remember…that was just my opinion. It’s YOURS. Your wonderful creative brain will figure out what it wants to do and you’ll rock it! If any of what I said sparks a thought, great. Or maybe it won’t and that’s fine! You listen to your story and do what feels right to you!” – Kathy Palm

I’m truly encouraged and hope I can make my writing better. I hope one day I can encourage another up and coming writer as well, just as they have done for me. Sadly, I didn’t make it to the next round, but this was a big step putting myself and my work out there for others to see. Bring on the next ‘Son of a Pitch’ in February.


One thought on “Not Good with Criticism

  1. So glad I could help.
    I completely understand. Critiques still sting. Years ago…I read my first chapter to my writers group and they didn’t like it. Everything was wrong. I was heartbroken. So I set the ms aside. But it wasn’t done with me. I had an idea and rewrote the first chapter and read it again. And again, it wasn’t right. I was upset because I thought I had it right! But I listened to them and let what they said settle into my brain. I rewrote it again… and again because I loved the idea, because as much as what they said hurt, it made sense.
    That ms? Yeah. I signed it with a small press. NEVER EVER GIVE UP. And even though critiques hurt, they help.
    Keep on being you. Keep on doing what you do and believing in your words. Never ever change anything if you don’t want to. Always keep your mind open. YOU GOT THIS!

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