Where Were You Today?

Today was a once in a lifetime event, the highly anticipate SOLAR ECLIPSE. If you didn’t know anything about this Phenomena, then you must live under a rock because for over the last year people and businesses have been preparing for this event. Even over the last couple days, I felt like the sun was even preparing because I felt like it was getting brighter, I’m not sure it had anything to do with the eclipse, but I will say it did. I even thought this morning that I wouldn’t be able to see the eclipse because there were a lot of clouds, but right about the time it started it was like the clouds vanished.

My boss gave us the day off, so she could take her children to see the Solar Eclipse. I had wanted to go see it in Complete Totality, but I was unable too. So, I settled for Partial Eclipse (94%). I went to a viewing party at the library closest to my house and got a FREE pair of Eclipse Glasses (Yes, they that met requirements) as well as bottles of water and moon pies. They had NASA’s Live Streaming of the Eclipse starting in Oregon until it’s completion off the South Carolina coast. The Eclipse started at about 1:16pm (EST) and ended at 4:05pm (EST).

I thought it was pretty cool experience. I was expecting to be able to see the sun blacked out some without always using the glasses, but all I saw was sun and it was really bright. I did notice that the brightness of the day only got a little dim, temperature cooled some, and the shades or shadows changed, but I expected it to get like ‘overcast’ or ‘setting sun’ dark. The glasses were pretty amazing allowing me to see the sun and the moon without hurting my eyes. I tried using them as well to cover the camera on my cell phone and take pictures. Don’t worry I had a hat on to also help cover and protect my eyes. It was a bit tricky, but I did manage to get a couple taken (the cover photo is one I actually took.)

There were a lot of people at the event and there were lots of events locally and around the nation. Several people had the Pin Hole projectors and Cereal Box Viewers. The library provided instructions on how to make one for the next Solar Eclipse (in 2024) and Safety Tips for viewing.

The next Eclipse, if it is in fact in 2024, I will make better plans to go see the Total Eclipse. I’m glad I got to see this amazing phenomena, even if it wasn’t a total eclipse.


(Cover Photo is one I very carefully took using my eclipse glasses and cell phone camera today. The Eclipse Phase Photo below is courtesy of a former coworker Brian Thompson, you can also follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/eye.of.bri/)



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