I Love Books

Today is National Book Lover’s Day.

A Bibliophile is a person who has a great appreciation for or collects books.

I love books and I love to read. Books help me to relax and escape into another world. I have a few collections, which include Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Gregory McGuire, Jane Austen, Danielle Steele, and many classics. Romance is my favorite genre, but I do enjoy reading other genres such as biographies, historical, folklores or tall tales, and spiritual or inspirational.

I haven’t always liked to read, in fact, I hated having to do it in school. Every summer growing up, my parents made me spend at least an hour every day reading. As I’ve gotten older, I really have enjoyed reading. My husband loves to read to and he has several collections. I can read a full book in a matter of a couple hours or it has taken me up to about 2 years to finish one (I have been known to get bored with a book, move on, and go back to finish.).

Ways to Celebrate:

  • Buy a new book
  • Find a Book Bargain Bin
  • Download a book (there are a lot of free one’s out there)
  • Read a favorite book
  • Join a Book Club
  • Dust off and read a classic
  • Find and go to a Book Signing
  • If you’re an author, give away a book
  • Donate a Book to school or library
  • Read to a Child, a Disabled Veteran, or an Elderly Person
  • Build a Neighborhood Library Stand
  • Organize your book collection
  • Encourage someone to read a book
  • Share a book with a friend

It’s been a couple months since I finished my last book, so maybe it’s time to make a pot of tea, get in my pjs, and start another one. I have so many to choose from.


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