I’ve never really been a cat person. I was a pet sitter to my aunt’s cats. I have had a stray or 2 come up to my home that I took care of for a while. At work, we have a hospital cat named Willie, who doesn’t like many people and roams the place like he owns it…LOL.

To me, cats are finicky creatures and are most definitely not like dogs. The following are the Cattitudes of the Cats I’ve had in my life:

  • They are lazy (yes, I know dogs cans be too)
  • They are the watchkeepers of the birdbath
  • They sleep in all sorts of weird places both high and low (top of fridges to inside cabinets)
  • They think we are funny looking (especially when we give them a voice)
  • They enjoy playing with and trying to scare dogs
  • They will only let you pet them when they want the attention
  • They eat whenever they feel it’s time for us to serve them
  • They love to play hide and seek (especially on top of carports or under the Christmas Tree)
  • They help you pack when moving or going on a trip by making sure there’s still room in it for them
  • They are thoughtful by bring random gifts that are either dead or alive and sometimes headless (I’ve received several lizards, fish’s bones, birds, and squirrels (including a few headless squirrels))
  • They groom themselves whenever and wherever they please (especially when you are trying to work on your computer and they decide your keyboard is the best place)
  • They can get spooked easily and bolt like lightning if they think you or something else is out to get them
  • They won’t fetch anything, but shine a laser pointer or use something that dangles, and they are up for a challenge to catch it
  • They may not always want to be around you, but when they want to lay in your lap, don’t make any plans of getting up anytime soon
  • They are very curious creatures, they will only come around or check something out when they feel comfortable
  • They can come and go as they please and think they don’t have a curfew
  • They don’t like to be tracked (especially by a collar with a bell on it, as soon as they get freedom outside the bell will never return)

Do any of these match your cat’s attitude? I’m sure there are at least 5 on this list that match your purr-fect friends cattitude or there are a few more I didn’t list.

In Memory of Kris Kitty, Little One, Tux, Skittles, Shadow, and Mischief…love and miss you all.


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