Lift Our Eyes Up to Heaven

Do you pray? If so, what or who do you pray for? Did you know that in Jesus last hours, before His arrest, He was praying for us, ALL OF US?

While in the Garden of Gethsename, Jesus was praying for His disciples as well as future believers. He prayed to God that we would be different from the world and live in unity with and Love One Another, regardless of our differences. He wanted us to live in oneness, so that it would be a witness to the world and they would see the Love of Jesus in our lives.

We must embrace all of God’s children as brothers and sisters in Christ by lifting our eyes to the One who can change lives. Everyone is in need for prayer, whether it’s for health, peace, comfort, healing, loneliness, marriage, freedom, family, friends, safety, money, salvation, etc. We must be obedient and follow Christ’s example and lift each other up in prayer, just as He did for us.

Prayer is important communication line between Believers and God. Yes, there are times I wonder if God really hears my prayers. I’m not the best at praying and sometimes I feel my prayers are too repetitive, too short and to the point, or even unworthy for God to hear. I’ve seen prayers answered, while still waiting for others that have gone unanswered. I have a handful of people whom I can trust and rely on if I am in need of prayer and they know they can rely on me to pray for them when the need arises.

Are you being a witness of the Love of Jesus by living in oneness with others? Are you praying by lifting your eyes upon the One who can change lives? Remember No prayer request is ever too big or too small.


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