Bargain Hunter

Aunt Gail and I used to love to go shopping. My aunt was a great Bargain Hunter. Sales, Coupons, Clearance Racks, Yard Sales, Door Busters, Store Outlets or Closings, Special Offers, Bargain Bins…You name it, she’d be there. She would drive 100 miles for a bargain. She was very good at negotiating prices or making deals and if the price was right she might just buy it in bulk.

When I was little I remember getting up before the sun on Saturday mornings to go to yard sales. She loved Black Fridays and after holiday mark downs. I don’t consider myself as good as she was and I’m definitely not as good as my friends who are ‘Extreme Couponers’ (which I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet – New Bucket List Item…LOL)

Over the years, I don’t shop recreationlly as much as I used too, but I still enjoy going to yard sales and looking around clearance racks or bargain bins. When I hear of or find a ‘bargain’…I am usually there. I do look at sale ads (mostly online) and I have and use several Rewards Cards, and Apps on my phone to find bargains. On my Apps, I download or the company automatically adds digital coupons or specials that I will generally use, especially if the items are FREE.

Well today, my addiction to flip flops took over. Momma and I went to Wal-Mart for a few items and I needed to get a new pair of flip flops since my other’s broke and I found a bargain on their Flip-Flops and sandals. The Associate was marking down the prices. I bought my hubby a pair of Wrangler Sandals (regularly $16.82) and a pair of And1 Flip Flops (regularly $14.97) for $17. I got 4 pairs of Flip Flops for $10. So, I pretty much paid for my hubby’s shoes at almost regular price and got 6 pairs of sandals and flip flops. My mom bought a couple pairs as well and even a few kids pairs.

I’m so proud of my find today. Saving money should always be the agenda when shopping. I am grateful Aunt Gail instilled in me the bargain hunter gene, though it might be very small.



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