Legend of the Ice Cream Man

The Ice Cream Truck has been a favorite summer past-time for decades. Every summer kids of all aged looked forward to hearing the infamous summertime jingle roaming through the neighborhood. I have many favorite childhood memories of waiting in anticipation for the Ice Cream Man. When I’d hear it coming I’d go beg for some loose change from my granny, run out to the edge of the road, and wait patiently for the truck’s music to get louder as it approached. Oh my goodness, so many different flavors to choose from…Push-Ups, Rocket Pops, Vanilla Ice Cream dipped in Chocolate Popsicles, and Cartoon Pops were my favorites.

As I’ve gotten older, times have changed and I don’t see Ice Cream Trucks much anymore and when I do some of the original favorites are still there, but boy the prices of changed.

Well today, while at work one of my coworkers noticed an Ice Cream Truck in front of the Dentist Office next door. We all got excited and were like sure it’s 10:30 in the morning what would be better than ice cream to snack…LOL. So, I got an order and went out to the truck. There were many different types and flavors of popsicles and hand-scooped ice cream cones. I told them what I needed and went to hand them my money, when a lady standing next to the truck said that ‘Today, your ice cream is on Wilson’s Orthodontics. Enjoy!’ I was stunned and asked are you sure and she repeated ‘Yes.’. I was blown away. I said thank you and grabbed my order and headed back to work. I don’t know how many locations they were serving today, but I was grateful to enjoy a childhood favorite past-time and of course, ice cream at 10:30 in the morning. It was YUMMY!


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